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Edward Hendrix
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September 3, 2022
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Create glorious logo animation or youtube intro video
Starting at $39.00
Do genealogy research for your family tree
Starting at $14.00
Design flyers, brochure, catalog, booklet design
Starting at $2.40
Be your female model high quality video ads for your product
Starting at $99.00
Animate your 2d cartoon character or picture
Starting at $105.00
Write engaging social media captions and copy
Starting at $6.99
Be professional asian female model for photo video product
Starting at $11.00
Make pay check stub, w2, 1040, 1099, analyze bank statement
Starting at $16.00
Create a cooking video recipe like tasty buzzfeed food
Starting at $39.00
Create business performance reports spreadsheets
Starting at $99.00
Design professional brochure or booklet in 24 hours
Starting at $9.00
Vectorize your logo, convert image to vector
Starting at $5.00
Make a personalised video in the style of a disney princess
Starting at $99.00
Turn your powerpoint into a video with voice over
Starting at $19.00
Create a strategic PR and influencer plan for your company
Starting at $16.00
Do your microsoft azure cloud data engineering work
Starting at $18.00
Write an engaging, high quality article or blog post in 24h
Starting at $39.00
Write your cold email sequences for b2b lead generation
Starting at $17.00
Deploy the best backlinking SEO strategy in the solar system
Starting at $63.00
Be your SEO consultant, increase google traffic
Starting at $41.00
Provide email, live chat, and phone support to your customer
Starting at $18.00
Write amazon product description for amazon listing
Starting at $105.00
Find business mail, data entry and web research
Starting at $99.00
Brainstorm names for business, brand or anything
Starting at $32.00
Prepare an investor ready business plan
Starting at $50.00
Craft premium nft trading card
Starting at $8.99
Coach you to career fulfilment
Starting at $19.00
Write captivating show notes for your podcast in 24 hours
Starting at $50.00
Create amazing animated hand drawn lyric video
Starting at $18.00
Be your efficient customer service representative
Starting at $99.00
Do image annotation for object detection and segmentation
Starting at $99.00
Create 3d medical animation and 3d modeling
Starting at $47.00
Do high conversion sales copywriting for your business
Starting at $5.00
Funny gaming video editing in 24 hours for youtube
Starting at $50.00
Do headshot retouch, portrait, skin and images editing
Starting at $105.00
Do any product management task you need
Starting at $9.00
Do statistical data analysis with report in excel and spss
Starting at $105.00